SMIT - Sales Man Information Tool

Almost all of the NISSAN-dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are using SMIT - the salesman tool/ CRM system from fmade. SMIT is based on fsales and offers a wide range of interfaces from and to NISSAN-systems.

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fsales - CRM for car-dealers

fsales was especially developed for the automotive sector and so all dealer-needs are covered. fsales supports the salesman from the fist contact over the offer to the contract and gives the salesmanager structed and useable information.

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fsales - CRM-Tool for cardealers!

CRM - Customer Relationship Management (Customer Relationship Management) is of course much more than just a software, but with fsales you will see how easy CRM can be done!

fsales is a CRM-tool which is easy to use and offers a large range of possibilites. fsales represents all customer contacts and helps to know more about the customer and his wishes and let you accordingly react. fsales can be used in all locations of one company and provides all collected information. 

picture: customerfile with contacthistory

fsales also offers countless opportunities in marketing. Creating selections and marketing campaigns is a breeze in fsales and makes campaigns also measurable.

Picture: salesfunnel-report

Learn more about the possibilities fsales gives to your company and contact us per phone or e-mail.