SMIT is the all-Inclusive-package for NISSAN-dealers!

In SMIT are all available moduls, like the demodriveplaner, marketing, a.s.o already included. The licence model of SMIT is a rentversion and is based on sitelevel - so there are no userlimits. The most important thing about SMIT is the communication between the dealer and NISSAN. So the dealer gets a lot of information like configurationdata, premiums and marketingcampains automatically transferred into his SMIT.

configurator: vehicleconfigurator with the modelcodelogic of NISSAN and pictures of the vehicles

premiums: access to the current premiums available for private and fleet-cusotmers

availabiltiy-check: shows the available vehicles on stock or in the pipeline of your own or of your dealercolleagues or NISSAN - directly from the configurator

vehicle ordering: interface to the NISSAN ordering system NIVOS

leads: integration of NISSAN-Leads (demodrives, a.s.o.)

central mailings: all information about central mailings from Nissan will be sent to the SMIT of the dealers. so the salesmen finds the mailing directly in the contacthistory of the customer with or without reminder.

accessory: integration of CPL in SMIT 

SMIT Konfigurator

picture: configurator including picture and availability-check

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